Which Settings Are Perfect For Diamond Engagement Rings?

Which Settings Are Perfect For Diamond Engagement Rings?

If you are preparing for purchasing perfect ring jewelry for your women who is soon going to be your bride, then pay extra attention towards the setting of the diamond on it. It is the way of fixing the precious gem that finally gives shape and look to the jewelry that she is going to wear on finger for life. You should be aware of the different settings for diamond engagement rings.

When we talk of the settings, it simply means that we are talking of the ways to put a diamond on the metal of the ring. But it is not that easy. There is a lot of craftsmanship that goes in the making of the jewelry and giving shape to it with the varied settings playing a key role in it.

A primary aim behind all the available settings like prong, bezel, channel, pave, tension and others is to give a particular look to the diamond engagement rings. So, first ask your woman about her choice of the style and looks that she will prefer for a ring. She may choose a solitaire ring that has a single diamond on the ring top. For such jewelry the way of fixing the gem will be entirely different. If she chooses to have a ring that displays many smaller diamonds for more glitter, then the jeweler will mold it in entirely different way. So, decide on the look of the ring first. Compare the jewelries on internet or in a physical store.

Each setting of diamond engagement rings has its own attraction and advantage. The solitaire rings have single diamond rings. it is usually set in a basket of metal and is surrounded by four to six prongs that are bent inwardly. These prongs are very attractive as they lift the diamond above the ring metal surface and give a unique look to the jewelry. Women are especially fond of prong-set rings.

Bezel-set rings are perfect for added protection to the precious gem. A metal collar wraps the diamond so that it is tightly secured. For working women, this is ideal ring as they are exposing the jewelry to daily chores.

Channel and pave settings are more preferred when many smaller diamonds are your choice for the ring. The diamond engagement rings in pave settings are spectacular the metal is fully or half covered with the carpet of glittering diamonds. in channel setting, the jeweler creates a little deeper space on the metal surface and fixes the diamonds into it and it gives the impression of a channel. Both these ways are also known for giving extra protection to the precious stones.

While choosing a particular way of studding the gems, make sure that the jeweler gives enough room for the light to fall on the diamond. Maximum light should be ensured on the gem surface for its reflection from its facets for brilliance and spectrum of colors.

Whichever settings for diamond engagement rings you choose, ensure that the costs are within your financial means. When buying the jewelry from online jewelers, ensure that a return policy is in place so that you can return any damaged piece or the one that you do not like.