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Is Piano Restoration Worth It?

If you have a non-working piano in your home, then odds are you’ve either thought of repairing it or replacing it. How do you know when to repair, rather than replace? Don’t let the age fool you or the fact that it may not be working currently. Many pianos can be repaired.

Is Your Piano Junk?

Before meeting with a piano restoration specialist, people believe that their old piano isn’t worth anything. If it doesn’t work properly and has been in the family for generations, it’s easy to think that it’s never going to work properly again. Keep in mind that a brand new piano, at the cheapest, can cost you upwards of 5,000 dollars. Then, for higher priced models, you could have to pay over 50,000 to 140,000 dollars. Pianos come in a variety of price ranges but most of these ranges are high. Why spend all that money when you could spend less on a repair job that brings your piano back to its glory days.

Look for a piano store Boston pianists can trust to be honest. Repair shops want to help you get the most out of your instrument.

Is It Worth Restoration?

The piano is a beautiful instrument that can stay in a family for generations. If you have a family piano, you don’t want to give it up for something new. The truth is that most restorations are cheaper than buying a brand new piano. For a lot of people, the piano means something special to them. It’s always worth it to do what you can to save it.

Pianos are more than just an instrument. In so many instances, they are centerpieces in people’s homes. This is where people gather to play music and to listen. If your piano is older or if you think it could use repair work, it’s important to get it checked before you consider a replacement.…

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