How to Sell Your Unused Clothes Online

How to Sell Your Unused Clothes Online

Selling your unused clothing online can actually be a pleasurable way to make yourself some extra money. Not only that but it provides you with a chance to be utterly ruthless in what you give away and keep, whilst at the same time making space for any “new seasons” purchases you might be wanting to make!

One of the most important things to do is to make sure whatever you’re selling still has its tags left on. This is the biggest source of proof that you haven’t worn the clothes at all.

To make use of secondary market websites such as eBay it’s important that you makes sure you give a detailed account of each garment you are going to sell and provide a set of well lit pictures to go with them. If at all possible, take photos of the clothes either hung up against a white or light coloured background.

One step better would be to pose them on a mannequin to give a feel of how the fabrics might drape and flow on a body. Make sure you provide detailed descriptions to go with your garments too. List the size, colour and cut of the garment. Make people aware of how generously cut the clothes are. Let people know the brand and if possible which season’s collection it belongs to for instance “Fall/Winter 2011” or “Spring/Summer 2012”.

If there is a small imperfection on the garment, let people know about this too. It pays to be honest and could end up saving you time, money and effort in the long run!

Make sure you work out the correct postage costs as well, after all, if you underestimate how much it will cost to ship a garment to someone it could end up eating into the actual profit you make from anything you sell. Be upfront about it.

If you’re relying on something like eBay, be prepared for some items to have more interest than others and also to re-list if need be. Just because one item hasn’t sold on one occasion, it doesn’t mean it won’t sell again sometime.

Make it clear whether you will or won’t accept returns or not. This is entirely a matter of choice. Some sellers do, others don’t. With clothing, this is always going to be tricky and especially when people are buying from sight online rather than having handled something in a shop. However, you still need to make an informed decision. Whatever it is you are selling the most important thing is to have a little fun and hopefully make a nice little side income!