Toshiba Launched an All Advanced Model of Washing Machines

Toshiba Launched an All Advanced Model of Washing Machines

Toshiba now has become the well established & reliable brand across India, which deals in manufacturing of Desktop computers, LCD TVs, Home-appliances, Thermal-Hydra power plant systems, Semi-conductors, Multi functional peripherals like copy, print, fax & scanning machine assembling, Transmission Distribution & Industrial system & many more.

Toshiba products are highly reliable because of their better quality & performance competency as per the customers review. Its home appliances range excites everyone with their all innovative technology and long lasting attitude. Indian home markers are completely satisfied with the Toshiba products whether its refrigerators or washing machines.

Toshiba has recently launched an all advanced model of washing machine named Toshiba AW-D950 SKC (W) which has got the latest “DD Inverter technology”. This DD Invertor controls the washing cycle and movement of pulsator according to the nature of the fabric. It maintainers the pulsator speed in between 30RPM to 150RPM & regulates the water level. Like, if you put the dirty cotton fabric in its Stainless steel tub than a strong water current washes out all the stains & dirt in a single wash, and a gentle water current for the silk fabric. The whole processor controlled by the DD Invertor motor & pulsator.

Toshiba AW-D950SKC (W) has got the amazing wash load capacity of 8.5kg which enables you to wash a heavy load of 40 shirts at a time. Along with that its condensed bubble wash and shower rinse removes the sticky dust particles & detergent particles in between the fabric in order to provide you clean & hygienic clothing. Its triple Air super spin dryer, dries your clothes so quickly & efficiently even in the very humid & rainy season. This equipped Toshiba washing machine model with Triple lint filter, Liner water level option, Pre-set timer, child lock system and all the basic functions.

It has been designed so compactly & beautifully to make it the elegant part of your bathroom or the corridor. It provides you fast and effective results. This is fully automatic Toshiba AW-D950SKC available at the best & affordable price which undoubtedly satisfy your needs & requirements.