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The Secret Fashion Style for Curvy Woman

The shape of the woman body varies. There are the skinny woman and also curvy woman. Body size ultimately affects a person’s dress style. Sometimes curvy woman are often not confident with her body.

Appearance beautiful and interesting indeed not only belong to those whose body is proportional. Curvy woman can also look awesome, as long as choosing the right style of clothing.

Here are some ways to get the look of the curvy body up to plus size by trying a few styles of clothing.

Know your Body Shape

The first thing you must do is to know your body shape. Which part should you disguise and which you can highlight? If your hips are too big for example, you can weed it by choosing a dress with a combination of belts. Choose a dress with a solid dark color, while belts choose bright colors that cause contrast.

To be sure, be it color, model, pieces, until the pattern and pattern of clothes will greatly affect your appearance. Make sure you can already know your own body shape. Determine which parts do look good and the other parts you need to disguise.

Put the Top Shirt into a Skirt or Pants

Do not be afraid to try this style of 90’an. Which many people love to put their clothes into pants. This will make the body more intersect so you can look taller. The focus will not widen. If necessary, use a superior and a subordinate with a contrasting color.

When wearing a T-shirt, you can wear it by putting it into your pants. The same way you can apply when you wear a skirt. With that part of the grooved body can still be seen.

Choose Clothes with Motif Small or Horizontal

This one is already a fixed formula. Clothes with big motifs will make you look fatter. While the small motifs make your body look a bit slimmer than the original. It’s the same with horizontal motives. The motif on the shirt will give an optical illusion to every eye that looks.

Do not Wear The All Size Dress

In contrast to thin people. You curvy bodies should not be arbitrarily wearing clothes. When wearing t-shirts, for example, you should pay attention to the size. Clothes that are too small will make you look fat. While the clothes are too loose to make unsightly. Better to wear clothes with the right size on your body.

Jacket or Blazer will Help you look Awesome

If your body looks big in the abdomen, shoulders, and around the arm, you are worth choosing a jacket and a blazer. The jacket and blazer will cover the parts you want to hide. As long as you can choose the right match, you can look cool.

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