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women professionals get extra style

Once in awhile a news story about a woman being the “first woman” to achieve a high honor professionally will act as a wake up call, as these stories show everyone how far society has evolved in recent years. The younger generation today is largely unaware of how much things have changed in the last few decades as far as women’s rights and their role in society goes. Just a couple of generations ago, women were largely shut out of professions like medicine and the law, and only allowed to work in more subservient roles in corporate offices, doing clerical or reception work.

A Fast Evolving Workplace

Today, we are living in a much different, but still fast-evolving era. Today women can be seen working at high levels in all professions, including the law and medicine. The influence of women can be keenly felt in these professions too, as today there are more laws protecting the rights of women from gender bias, and women are becoming more the norm in the field of gynecology. One more change that’s come through women’s involvement in healthcare is the new looks available in a physician lab coat. The reality is that if women are going to play a significant role in the medical field these days, they want to look good while they’e doing it.

So Much More Work to Be Done

It’s interesting (and sobering) to note, however, that the more progress women seem to make in the world and the workplace, the more aware we become of the inequities that still exist. The #MeToo movement broke through just a year ago, and exposed how terribly women (and some men) have been treated as far as sexual harassment in the workplace goes. So, while a lot of progress has been made in the area of women’s rights, there’s no doubt that more work must be done, and soon.…

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