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Accessories Making Concealed Carry Simple

Increasing gun crime has prompted a corresponding increase in people wanting to have their own guns in public for self-defense. However, many choose not to visibly advertise their weapons, a policy called “concealed carry.” Various optional additions may be purchased to aid in this practice.

Gun Belts

Concealed carry is accomplished in countless ways. One of the most favored places to hide a gun is on a belt, covered by one’s shirt or, better yet, inside the waistband of one’s pants. Either way, a sturdy belt is essential to stop the gun from moving, which can make it a hindrance and defeat the purpose of concealment. For those who wish to carry their weapon in this fashion, there are special belts designed to support handguns, having added padding where the weapon rests.

Handgun Holsters

It’s essential to conceal one’s weapon in a safe, stable manner that protects the wearer against accidental injuries and from being disarmed. A holster works to satisfy both requirements by holding the gun securely in place. Typically fashioned from leather, the most popular kinds of holsters are belt holsters (with the gun outside or inside the waistband) and shoulder holsters (with the gun worn under the arm), but holsters are available in numerous styles. Which type of holster works best for an individual depends on many things, including weapon, body type and personal comfort preferences.

Concealed Carry Clothing

For people desiring an extra layer of concealment, practically all major articles of clothing are currently being modified for concealed carry purposes. For instance, a good ccw vest functions perfectly well as apparel, but with the additional benefit of built-in pockets for concealing holstered handguns. CCW garments are tailored to reduce what is called “printing,” meaning one’s gun is undetectable from the outside. They normally also feature secure pockets to prevent others from accessing the weapons inside.

Anyone carrying weapons is responsible for their safety. Having the right accessories helps ensure maximum protection and convenience.…

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