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4 Types of Shrugs to Add to Your Wardrobe

A women’s shrug can be a great piece to add for the purpose of staying a little warmer in a night breeze or cool office, enhancing an outfit, or creating a more modest look by keeping your shoulders covered. And there are several types of shrugs you can add, depending on your personality and desired look.

  • Cropped shrugs: Cropped shrugs land above the waist and are very cute. These are often used with knee-length dresses but can be used for a variety of outfits.
  • Fringed shrugs: These provide a retro, laid-back look that can go with anything from a dress to shorts and jeans.
  • Embellished shrugs: If you’re looking for an addition to your outfit for a girls’ night out, a date, or even a company function, an embellished shrug might be the answer.
  • Lacy shrugs: While lacy shrugs can be as versatile as your wardrobe, most ladies wear them with cute shorts and tanks.

In addition to these styles, you can find designs that range from floral print to plain. Their versatility makes a shrug a great addition to every lady’s closet. For maximum benefits, find a handful of shrugs to pair with all of your favorite outfits.

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How Border Control Uses An Automated Manifest System For Security Purposes

Security measures used by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) include an automated manifest system for all shipments that arrive in the United States from outside countries via air or sea. The purpose of this is to ensure that all items that come into the United States are clearly defined and easy for anyone to understand what is coming into the country. These systems have undoubtedly helped protect the country from dangerous packages and drugs from being smuggled in.

Who Pays For This?

The charge for the automated manifest system can be covered by either the supplier or the recipient of the goods. This detail needs to be worked out between the two ahead of time, and this detail is often something that goes into the total cost of the shipment itself. If the recipient of the goods has to pay for these additional border services, they will be paying a higher overall price than if the supplier covered this charge. That said, suppliers sometimes add additional costs to their products if they have to cover the AMS charges to make up for the difference.

Rapid Information Sharing

The law requires that all information gathered during the import process by the automated manifest system be shared quickly with all appropriate authorities. This is particularly true if there is anything suspicious found on board. The authorities want to know about this because they need to be aware of a shipper who is moving supplies that are not permitted in the country. They will do all that they possibly can to put a stop to that practice, and they will need to have detailed records so that they can spot trends of illegal activity happening at various ports. The AMS system provides them with all of that information. It helps keep the country safer and moving forward.…

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3 Reasons To Hire a Cleaning Service for Your Business

As a business owner, you want your commercial space to be a welcoming and pleasant place for staff and clients. Hiring a janitorial service can help you achieve this goal.

Impress Your Clients

When clients walk into a clean, attractive business, they will have a good first impression of your company and they will be more likely to continue doing business with you. Dingy carpets, overflowing trash or dusty surfaces can give people the wrong impression of your business. Keeping your workplace clean and neat demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail and instills confidence in your clients. Janitorial services South Jersey can help you keep your space looking clean and professional.

Avoid Spreading Illness

Viruses like the common cold and flu can make their way through a workplace quickly, making your employees miserable and interrupting your business operations. Carpeted and upholstered surfaces can also harbor allergens, which can be bothersome to both employees and clients. A professional cleaning service can help disinfect surfaces and keep your carpets and upholstery clean, reducing the presence of germs and allergens in your workplace and helping everyone stay healthy.

Improve Productivity

Maintaining a clean workplace is important for productivity. Your employees will be happier and healthier when your workplace is kept clean. Reducing employee illnesses prevents staffing shortages, reduces stress and improves morale. Your employees will enjoy walking into a clean office every morning. When you hire a janitorial service, the professionals will take care of the cleaning so your staff can focus on their jobs without having to remember to vacuum or take out the trash.

Hiring a professional cleaning service can have many benefits for your business. Cleanliness is important in the workplace. A janitorial service can help you stay on top of cleaning tasks and improve the image and productivity of your business.…

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