Shopping Cart Services – How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

Shopping Cart Services – How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

The Internet has vast number of users and online shopping is growing day-by-day. Managing an online store can be a daunting task. To solve this problem and manage such large number of customers, solution providers offer automated online shopping carts. Such shopping cart services are not only easy to manage also reduce the cost of management. Online shopping cart service provides all the things and tools required to run an online shopping store.

Such service providers offer services ranging from domain registration to full Content Management Systems and even shipping services. They have complete ready-made online stores setup with different templates. The customer of such services chooses a template of choice and the whole site is setup within a few hours and even sometimes instantly. The CMS controls and monitors all the products placed on the storefront.

When starting an online business, it is important to market the product so that Internet users know about a particular online shop. For this purpose, most of the shopping cart service providers provide all the tools such as Search Engine Optimization and email marketing.

Other important services includes real-time customer’s order monitoring and its managements, access to online accounting software such as PeachtreeA� and 24/7 customer service.

Some service provider even offers their customers with the facility to link an online shopping website with a custom shopping cart by placing an add-to-cart button. Some service providers provide the facility to view products on eBay and Amazon. In this way the buyer can also place orders at eBay and Amazon, which will be processed through their respective service providers.

The service providers acquire the service of other companies such as Google Checkout, different international banks such as HSBC and online banks such as Money Bookers; shipping companies such as TNT and USPS and firms similar to Microsoft. They all combine and form a complete package of solution and service providers.

Inventory management is handled by the store owner. The software will keep track of what has shipped and give you a readout of orders yet to ship as well. And the stock is automatically updated. All the money transferred is processed through a third party payment processor and taxes are handled automatically via the shopping cart. All of this information is presented in a clean and easy to read format making it easy to understand and manage.

Some features also include collaboration with cell phone networks and Google maps. When an order is placed, a SMS is sent to the store owner to alert them. The buyer can even see the nearest shipping point on the Google map for a fast delivery. There are many other features and shopping cart services which are growing day-by-day.