How To Find The Best Priced Deals Online With Your Own App?

How To Find The Best Priced Deals Online With Your Own App?

Over the last year money has become tight for most people, we want deals and if you are like me we are all looking for the deals and best prices available and most of this takes place online.

We do spend quite some time doing bargain shopping, you probably have become familiar with the internet search engine giant Google. This procedure of finding the best price for your item can be a very tedious and time consuming process. A study shows that over 64% of the people that shop online do a price comparison before they buy the product and if you’re not you should be.

You can see some statistics below of how many people are now online searching in these countries and 64% do a comparison check which is 504 million searches for the best priced deals online. These numbers are growing each year.

United Kingdom, 48 million

• United States, 227 million

• China, 360 million

• France, 42 million

• Germany, 55 million

• Italy, 29 million

• Spain, 28 million

If you have ever searched for anything you know what a chore it can be and the time it takes looking for the best deals in town at the bargain prices. You could even automate your search, so all this hard work is do for you.

Now every time we search to buy something online, we would just type into Google what we are looking for a Digital TV, Camera, Cooker and the automated system would find the best deal online at the lowest price. Families are saving between $300-$400 a month by just using this automated system.

This will be the future of shopping as we know it.