How To Market My Business and Make Money Tomorrow

How To Market My Business and Make Money Tomorrow

No matter what size it is of your business, if you have a business and you want to make some money by tomorrow, here are some steps to market your business that you can implement now to do so.

Given that you have a customer database, you can run a special, invited only promotion and send mail or email to your customers.A� The content of the mail will look something like this:

Hi my best VIP customer, I haven’t contacted you for a long time and first of all thank you for your business in the past.A� I hope that you find our product/service useful.A� In order to thank you for your support, you are now able to get our newly created, never-released product at a discount price.A� Since you are my best customer I would like to hear your feedback on this product.A� You can buy this new product using this special link(add a new URL) and you can try it free for 30 days.A� If you like it I will charge you certain amount after 30 daysA� but if you don’t like it, just tell us and you will not be charged.A� This special promotion will be run 3 days only.A� Remember to tell us your feedback and talk to you soon.

This is for business who has a customer database, regardless of the size.

If you do not have a customer database, you can use list broker like and send direct mail to your customer.

Why having a list is so important?

It is because selling to existing customer is much more easier than acquiring a new one.A� Since they are already on your list, all you need to do is to send them cool things periodically and let them know that your email is not another “sales email”.A� The money is the value you provided to your list.A� So if you provide good value to your list, move them forward to their desired goal, they will help you out by giving you money in return.

So how to build a list?

It is quite easy when you are doing it online rather than offline.A� All you need to do is providing them a bribe that is free of charge, and start driving traffic to your free offer.A� People who want to get your bribe should opt-in to your list.A� That is the simplest way to build your list.A� The only problem of building a list is to drive traffic to your offer.

How to drive traffic to your offer?

You can do it by PPC or banner advertisment.A� This is the mostly used, simple yet effective way of driving traffic.A� If you want free ways to do so, you can leverage the power of social media like Facebook.A� All you need to do is to create an opt-in page on Facebook fan page and let people who are interested in your offer can enter their email address to get your free bribe.

I hope it helps some business who want to get money as fast as possible.