How to Build a Online Business on a Budget Or For Free

How to Build a Online Business on a Budget Or For Free

Are you looking to advertise your business or products on the Internet with a small budget or even for FREE, but not sure how to go about it? If the answer is yes then this article is for you. Online marketing is one of the hottest and fastest means of making money, and it can also be a minefield if you don’t know what you’re doing. When many think of one of the ultimate methods in online marketing, organic search engine optimization (SEO) is near the top of the list. But you’re going to need lots of dollars for that strategy, this is what we need to…

First we need to pick 3-4 marketing methods and master them. Any more than 4 and you will not be able to focus on each marketing method and give each one the time it needs to produce great results. Next you need to be consistent with your marketing every day, add consistency with marketing mastery and that equals tons of traffic straight to your web site. Some will buy your products or join business and some will not, but for the people that don’t buy the first time, you want to build a relationship with them by sending them auto-responder messages so they will trust you and look at you as an expert and a person that just wants to help them. Then once you’ve done that the sales will start pouring in because they trust you and you have the answer to their problem, which is your product.

You must understand that a little more effort needs to be used for free advertising, compared to a paid method, but the earning potential will be just about the same without you having to spend a dime. Here are some free ways that you can market online.

YouTube – This is a very effective way to utilize free marketing. You Tube is the Internets largest video sharing site receiving tons of traffic every single day.

Free classified ad sites – These are great as you can put as many adverts on as you like. Just make sure you choose the sites with the most visitors, my favourite sites are Craigslist, US Free Ads and Backpage.

Social networking sites – Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are the biggest social community sites, where people get together and share things about themselves. Things like hobbies, family, and BUSINESS.

For paid advertising you can choose from Banner ads, Solo ads and Virtual URL ads, all of which cost less than $200 to do. As with any online marketing campaign, business owners should do some market research before they launch their Internet marketing campaign.