What Exactly Do You Need From Your Shopping Cart Software?

What Exactly Do You Need From Your Shopping Cart Software?

Online business is booming rapidly over the web as people have adopted online shopping as a blessing. All you have to do is to place an online order and your desired products will be delivered in no time. With the success of ecommerce websites, people these days are quite keen to sell their products online and in order to build an ecommerce website they need shopping cart software. There are variety of shopping cart software are available online but only few are up to the mark. Well, if you are planning to set up an ecommerce website and confused in selection of shopping cart software, guess what we are here to make it simple for you. We have listed some essential features of shopping cart software based on which you can choose the best one.

Customer Feedback on Product

Having a customer feedback on a product add more value as people prefer to know about the product quality before they buy it and customer feedback is the only option that can give them better idea about the product they are willing to buy. So make sure your shopping cart software provide customer feedback option and check out if it provide options for customer rating and polls.

Instant Shipping Calculations

There are only few shopping software that provide shipping rates of different postal services. Shipping rates for US postal service are quite easy to find but if you are in another country and looking for shipping details of different postal services, then you have to work out a bit, especially if you are looking for Federal Express shipping rates or DHL express service. Make sure your cart is capable enough to provide instant shipping calculations for different locations and methods.

Instant search

Instant search is one of the most effective features as it provide ease to the customers, for instance entering a half name of the product in the search bar and it automatically suggests the relevant results, this is what we called instant search. It is one of the most common features of shopping carts but only few of them provide this feature.

Social Networking

People these days are spending much time on social networks and they are proven to be effective in terms of promotion and marketing. If you want your product to be popular, you definitely need a social media integration, so while looking for a shopping cart make sure it offer ease in social media integration.

Large Images

Most of the shopping carts are providing this feature, as customers prefer to see detailed images so choose the one that provide enlarge view in separate window or pop up. This way customer can have better look at the product and can easily make up their mind.

These are some essential features of shopping cart software you definitely need to have, in order to have successful ecommerce website.