TNA and H&M Concepts and Designs

TNA and H&M Concepts and Designs

The Canadian company TNA clothing has been involved in the business of manufacturing clothing since 1998. The company is established on the principle that keen attention to detail and calls inspiration from the natural beauty of the environment, as well as the bustling nature of the inhabitants of the adjacent city. Nestled in Vancouver the passion for fashion is well etched in the designs from the company.

H&M clothing is another brand which has dedicated designers catering to the business of lifestyle clothing and accessories. The H&M brand is popular and has been around longer than the TNA brand. H&M has 1700 retail outlets across the US, Canada and the rest of the world. There are also dedicated online stores which offer the same high quality and unique clothing that you would find in a store. The hallmarks of customer service have allowed H&M to retain strong market share while still offering a quality, class leading product.

The company uses compositions of cotton in its clothing to add durability, while still being cost effective. Organic cotton is essentially priced higher per unit mass than regular cotton, but the added strength means that the clothing will last longer, while the colouring of the fibres hold the dyes better. The standard of the clothing is held up with the use of this type of cotton and there are other benefits. The cotton is less likely to irritate the customer as it is less likely to cause micro-fibre allergies for the producers and factory workers.

To cut costs technological innovations have been used to ensure a product that is focussed on quality and an affordable cost. By comparison, H&M clothing is always the best value. The cost cuts and added affordability is passed directly on to the consumer in the price of the end product. This means H&M does not access its profits in this way, but manages to ensure that the product is always priced at the lowest It can be, while the quality remains superior.

Because of these innovations, the customer is always guaranteed a price that is no more than it should be. Customer satisfaction is highest on H&M’s list of priorities and thus persons will always regard the service in a class of itself. This is the pride of H&M and it will continue to be as there are constant updates to the cost of the items to always match the competition or better it. Training for store attendants is done to a set standard and as a result, there is always a level of courtesy and professionalism to greet each customer of the brand. The designs are all well thought out and representatives in the various stores are well aware of the body types each will suit as well as the occasion for optimising the look.

No matter the choice of apparel, H&M will be able to take care of that need to the fullest, ensuring that the shopping experience is second to none.