Apple Body Shape? Sensational Tips For Getting A Little Black Dress To Make Jaws Hit The Floor

Apple Body Shape? Sensational Tips For Getting A Little Black Dress To Make Jaws Hit The Floor

If you have an apple body shape then you have come to the right place. Listed here are guidelines for choosing a little black dress to suit your curves.. Apple bodies tend to be a bit heavy on the top and carry their weight around the middle without a really defined waistline.

The 16 plus size women struggle to get a good fit that is flattering to their form. When looking for shirts, slacks and that all-important little black dress there are a few things you have to consider. Being a plus size does not necessarily mean that you have to give up on dressing trendy or stylish.

It only means that you have to choose your wardrobe with a bit more care. Women’s clothing for plus size gals has gotten a lot better in terms of style and shape. In order to shop for your body type you have to first familiarize yourself with that body. Do not be afraid to assess your body as it is for strengths and weaknesses.

1. You will need to accentuate what is positive about your figure. Women with apple shapes are usually heavy on top, this can work for you or against you depending on how you choose to play it. Making the right choice may have you stepping a bit outside of your fashion comfort zone. Although the color black is known to have a slimming effect, it must be coupled with a great cut.

2. The cut of the fabric and dress design will also play a huge role in how good or bad you look in that little black dress. Accentuate what you were given to work with at birth. Wear sleeveless shirts to show off beautiful arms combined with a daring neckline that plays up your ample bust.

It is important to note here that if you have large breast you cannot afford to skimp on bras.

3. Even if you have to save up for them get yourself several bras that fit well. This will help you feel sexier and also make your clothes fit better. Wear a body shaper to cinch the waist or clothes with cuts that allude to the waistline you do not posses. High waist pants will draw the eye over the tummy and up toward the neckline. Another attribute of the apple form is that the hips are usually slim and almost box like. To give the illusion of fuller hips wear a solid on top and a patterned fabric in your choice of skirt or pant. As far as you little black dress is concerned you can enhance the fit with a bit of tailoring and allow search for one with a hem that is larger than the waist.

4. The hem should also fall just below the knee to add the illusion of length. Here is one final tip for you and it is about the choice of shoe. In order to give you a head to toe observation and plus size style advice we would be remiss if we did not warn you about ankle straps. These are great on the tiny misses but if you are going for a look of lean and length you will do your little black dress a disservice by wearing an ankle strap. They cut up the line you are trying to create and make your legs look chunkier. Keep the line all the way to your toes by wearing a great looking pump.