Different Parts That Make Up a Handgun

Have you been curious about learning more about the parts that make up a firearm? Guns are made up of many important components that work together to make them fire bullets.


The grip of a gun is the part that fits in your hand to hold and aim the weapon. To give more traction and comfort, gun grips can be equipped with textured surfaces that help the gun stay stationary in your hand. If you’re interested in changing the grip for your gun, you can consult with services that provide parts like Sig grip modules.

Firing Pins

A firing pin may be the most important part of a gun. Without this type of mechanism, a firearm would be rendered useless. The firing pin works by allowing a pin to move inside the chamber to strike and ignite the cartridge. This creates the necessary reaction needed to propel the bullet out of the barrel of the gun.


The slide on a semi-automatic handgun is the mechanism used to cock and arm the pistol. When a person pulls the slide back, this makes a bullet enter the chamber. At that point, the gun is armed and ready to fire.


The trigger on a gun is a necessary component to make it function properly. When a trigger is pulled, it works together with the firing pin inside the chamber to strike the cartridge and fire the gun. When you store your gun, you might benefit from using a trigger lock if you have small children in your home. If a trigger no longer works on a gun, it will need to be replaced or the gun won’t function.

These are just a few of the many parts that work together to make a gun operate. Handguns are intricate and powerful weapons that help many people do their jobs.