What Country Clothing Do You Really Need?

What Country Clothing Do You Really Need?

If you’re spending more and more time in the country, perhaps walking, or making the most of your time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you may have noticed that your city, or casual clothes aren’t the most appropriate, and certainly won’t be right if you take part in some of the popular country pursuits such as fishing or shooting.

So, what country and shooting clothing do you need?

1. A decent jacket is essential, and will need to be warm, and perhaps even waterproof, whilst offering good wind protection. If you’re going shooting, you’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t rustle when you move your arms, and that the pockets allow you to carry all you need. There are several well-respected brands when it comes to shooting and country jackets, so you really will be spoilt for choice.

2. Country trousers should be strong and durable, so that the time you spend walking through rough ground, and brushing against thorns won’t rip your trousers. You might also want to make sure that they are waterproof and windproof if you going to be spending a lot of time outdoors.

3. Breeks are the long shorts, or short trousers that are infamous with the countryside, and the shooting set. They offer extreme comfort, and are often waterproof, making them ideal for shooting or fishing.

4. A shooting vest is ideal for the days when it’s too cold for just a sweater, but not cold enough for a full jacket. In addition, a shooting vest will offer you excellent freedom of movement when you are shooting. Some shooting vests are waterproof, for added comfort and protection.

5. A suitable sweater will not only look smart, but keep you warm as well. Available in many different colours and styles and with V, round and roll necks, you’ll be able to be stylish and warm whatever the weather.

6. Country shirts are renowned for their durability, comfort and performance, and look even better when they’ve been worn in a bit.

7. Gloves are an essential part of any country attire, and shouldn’t be forgotten. Whether you choose a pair of leather shooting gloves, or wind and waterproof gloves, you’ll be glad you did, once you’re out in the field.

8. Hats are another essential, and whether you choose a hunter style hat, or a more traditional bushman style hat, you’ll keep your head warm and dry whatever the weather.

9. Socks are important for keeping your feet warm and dry, and if you wear breeks, you’ll want to make sure that you choose long socks that will keep your legs warm and dry too.

10. Shoes and boots are just as important as jackets, and whether you choose Wellington boots, or walking boots, you’ll want them to be comfy all day long, and to keep your feet warm and dry.

Now you know just what you need for a day in the field, isn’t it time you got the right country clothing?