The Discount Voucher Phenomenon Arrives in Spain

The Discount Voucher Phenomenon Arrives in Spain

We have seen the success stories in the papers with online voucher stores and bulk purchase websites offering huge discounts on everything from meals out in your favorite restaurants to half price clothing at your local shops. In fact Amazon just purchased a ‘voucher’ company for a cool $183 million, proving that this is not just a fad but a fantastic business model.

Now the phenomenon is about to arrive in Spain on the Costa del Sol with a similar business model.

Why the Costa del Sol?

The Costa del Sol has a huge expat market and like anywhere else in the world right now, many people are struggling to make ends meet as easily as they did a few years ago. Petrol and diesel is at an all time high, fuel bills seem to rise each month and general day to day living seems to cost that little bit more each time you pay at the till.

Websites offering discounted goods or services seem to be on the rise as it is a no brainer for many consumers as well as retailers. Rather than ‘speculating’ with an advert in the hope that someone will respond and do business with them many now turn to discount voucher sites that already have a database of buyers and local residents on the look out for a good deal. Instead of the outlay for an advert they would rather subsidise a defined number of offers.

The benefits to the retailer can be much better as they are only subsidising actual sales meaning that they get new clients and hopefully repeat business in the future.

With these types of sites become as popular as many of the large retail portals we expect to see a shift towards this type of ‘risk free’ advertising and promotion. The wise offline publications should also be looking to incorporate this type of service or they might find themselves left out in the cold.

The Costa del Sol should be an ideal place for this type of business model as there are lots of local businesses in dire need of new clients and there are lots of residents that are always on the look out for a good deal.