Optimizing the Products Pages of an Ecommerce Website

Optimizing the Products Pages of an Ecommerce Website

Nowadays, E-commerce has emerged as one of the leading business trend worldwide. This is because of higher chances of generating income with less capital needed and fewer expenses.

In creating your own e-commerce website, you must make sure that it would create a great impact on the web and to every potential buyer. To do this, you must first put yourself in their shoe. Try to evaluate your websites effectiveness and efficiency as a customer yourself. This way, you can greatly asses to whether your online selling business will be productive.

The 5-second Test

By having the 5 second test, you can assert if your e-commerce website is effective and efficient to your viewers and potential buyers. With this test you will know if your online selling strategy is working and is creating a good first impression to your customers.

• Website Download Speed

Your website download speed is very critical in the first 5 seconds of your customers stay on your e-commerce website. Your website must be able to reveal itself and make a good first impression to your clients.

• Shoppers can Clearly Understand what You are Selling Them

Another way to create a good first impression to your customers in the first 5 seconds of browsing your website is to clearly state what products you are selling them within that time frame. In order for you to be effective in this category is to create a relevant company name with a related image of the products you are selling for your websites logo.

• Clearly Guide Users to your Product Page

You have to clearly guide your clients to your products pages. The first things that would go through their minds once they arrive in your e-commerce website are, “What to do?” and “Where to go?”. You have to make sure that your navigation menu, call-to-action buttons and images that are linked to the products pages and other pages of your website is up and working.

Optimizing the Product Page

The product pages of your e-commerce website are where the actual selling and promotions of your products are done. You have to make sure that it is organized and managed properly. Making an on-page optimization of your website makes it more appealing to your customers and makes your product selling more effective.

Here are things you must consider in optimizing the products pages of your e-commerce website:

Optimize the Product Title

Optimizing the titles of your products can enhance the impact of your website to customers that generates more sales in return. You just have to be more creative and imaginative in creating every single one of it. Add phrases containing adjectives that can make it more pleasing and attracting.

Example: instead of just the plain product name like, “Sony PS3” you can have “Sony PS3, The Super Slim Gaming Console of the Future.” or if you can do better than that.

Optimizing Product Photos

You can optimize your product photos by adding ALTtext or alternative text and descriptions on each image. Always include the keywords mostly input by users on search engines to increase its relevance in images searches.

Optimizing Product Descriptions

You can optimize the product descriptions by picking relevant keywords most often used by users on search engines. You have to be as creative as possible.

Adding Links to Related Products

You can enhance your e-commerce website’s impact on the web and to users by adding links to related products and services. Thus, if your internal links increases so does your relevance in search engines.