Maximizing Checkout Strategies for a Better Bottom Line

Maximizing Checkout Strategies for a Better Bottom Line

Making checkout easy for your customers will help you convert more visitors to your site into sales and possibly earn repeat business from customers. There are a number of things you can do to make the whole process of checking out simpler, more pleasant and better.

Use Payment Logos

No one likes to have to search around to find out if they can pay with the method they like. Whether you accept credit cards, electronic checks or a third party payer, use the logos they provide to make it clear and let customers know their payment options.

Link to the Shopping Cart

Many “window shoppers” put things into their shopping cart without taking stock initially. Making it simple for a potential customer to find the shopping cart will allow them to start the checkout processes easily. Ensure that your cart offers customers the opportunity to make any needed changes, such as removing items or increasing or decreasing quantities before proceeding to payment.

Give Clear Directions

You don’t need to tell most people how to shop online – they already know. If you have to give directions for a specific part of the process, be brief but clear. No one is going to read reams of information on how to check out, they will just take their business elsewhere. Place the text where it will be easily used.

Provide Shipping Parameters

Make it as clear as possible how long each shipping option will take. Everyone has opted for expedited shipping from time to time based upon when they needed an item. By letting your customers know how long it will take to receive their goods you decrease their anxiety and improve their satisfaction.

Stick to Required Information

Once your customer has entered the checkout process, minimize any extraneous requests. This isn’t the time to ask about shopping preferences, gender or how they found your site. You can leave an area for additional comments, and they will fill it out if they so desire.

Make Problems Easy to Find

Entering an incorrect digit from a credit card, the wrong zip code or even the wrong security number is very common. If your customer misses something important or a number can’t be processed, make it easy for your visitors to find it. Name the problem in red at the top of the page and place a red asterisk next to the line that needs fixing.