Injured at Work? Why You Should Contact an Attorney

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that employers are often required to carry. This ensures that they can provide wages and medical benefits to employees who are hurt on the job. There are many factors that go into determining whether an employer is liable for injuries and figuring how much compensation employees get. If you’ve been harmed at work, you may wonder whether you need to hire a lawyer or if you can expect fair compensation from your employer.

What To Expect From Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

In many cases, employers truly value their workers’ safety and well-being. However, this isn’t a guarantee that you will get the compensation you need to replace lost wages and to cover your medical costs. When you have an iowa workers compensation attorney working in your behalf, you can feel confident that all of the factors affecting your claim are considered. The lawyer may also

  • Walk you through the claims process
  • Warn you about common pitfalls
  • Give you an idea of whether you can handle the claim without help

Even if you’re sure you don’t need an attorney, you could benefit from the knowledge and experience that a legal advisor can provide.

When You Need a Lawyer

There are a few situations that require the services of a lawyer. For example, your employer may deny that you were injured at work or may drag out the process. If your employer acts quickly, the insurance provider may routinely deny claims, confident that you won’t appeal. Another situation that requires help from an attorney is when the settlement offered by your employer doesn’t cover all the expenses. You may find that your medical issues are preventing you from getting back to work or have changed the amount of work you’re able to do. If you plan to apply for Social Security benefits, you’ll need to talk about how this could affect your settlement.

Why To Reach Out

Remember that there are many things that could affect the compensation you get through a workers’ compensation claim. Even if you don’t need a lawyer to represent you, it may be important that you have the advice and guidance that a legal professional may provide.