3 Items You Should Get Before You Conceal Carry

If you are considering conceal carrying a weapon, there are some steps you need to take first. These are three of the items you should acquire before you begin to conceal carry.

1. Gun Holster

It may seem cool when the hero in a movie or TV show stuffs a gun in the waistband of his pants or the back pocket of his jeans, but it isn’t a very good idea. A gun holster, such as a concealed thigh holster, provides you with a safe, accessible place to carry your weapon that has also been designed to make it easier for you to draw that weapon when you need it. Additionally, a gun holster protects against accidental discharge.

2. Concealed Carry Permit

Not all states require gun owners to have a permit to conceal carry, but if you live in one that does, you can not legally conceal carry your weapon without one. In most states, to obtain a permit you will need to complete an application. You may also need to be fingerprinted, have a background check done or complete a required training course. Once you have your permit, you should carry it with you any time you are carrying your weapon.

3. Gun Belt

If you are going to waist carry your weapon, you need a gun belt. Gun belts are made of stiffer, tougher materials than normal belts and can help ensure that your holstered weapon stays where you need it. A regular belt may sag, causing the grip to pull away from your hip, revealing that you are carrying.

Deciding to conceal carry a weapon is not as simple as buying a gun and sticking it in your pocket. You need to ensure you have the right equipment and that you have met all the legal requirements of your state.