How To Choose a New York City Borough

So you’ve decided to move to the Big Apple. Good for you! But how do you know which borough to live in? Each one has it’s own distinct personality and pros and cons. Take a look at some of the options you have with a move to New York City.


Perhaps the most famous of the boroughs, thanks to Broadway and Wall Street, Manhattan is expensive on the rents. This is offset, however by its proximity to everything and the easy commutes. All subway lines but one run through Manhattan. There’s lots of housing diversity, too. Check out private park apartments in Peter Cooper Village, or rent a condo in Battery Park City.


Craving souvlaki? Come to Queens. Known for its many cultures and hometown atmosphere, this borough is a great place to raise a family. It also has cheaper rents than the other boroughs and you might even get a back yard. One drawback, it’s the largest borough in terms of square miles, so it can be a slow slog traveling through the borough.


Just over the bridge from Manhattan, this is an artistically vibrant borough with unlimited cultural offerings. It’s currently enjoying a great deal of growth in the tech sector and therefore has numerous job opportunities. The rents are higher, similar to Manhattan.

The Bronx

If you’re looking for green space, come to The Bronx. It’s home to the Botanical Garden and the Zoo and is less crowded than the other boroughs. It’s biggest drawback is that public transportation is scanty there. You’ll need a car.

Staten Island

The most affordable housing in NYC is here. It’s also the most remote from the other boroughs. You’ll enjoy larger homes, more space, and lovely beaches on Staten Island. Enjoy taking a ferry to work? Live here.