Blogging Tips: What Are Blogs About?

Blogging Tips: What Are Blogs About?

I’m proud to be a blogger! Years ago, I didn’t have enough ideas what blogging was all about. I thought it was insignificant, but I was wrong. It meant more than just recording or posting. In my profession, as a writer and a teacher, it has to be a part of me.

Blogging is almost the same as writing a diary, plotting a journal or writing down history. It is also a social networking tool and a gift of modern technology to collaborate on something useful for everyone.

The process of blogging defines time, man, and culture on the web. The entries that are posted will serve as materials for new ideas, new stories, and innovations around the world.

How often should you post?

On your blogs, you can post images, videos, and texts, among others.

Some post everyday. Some post a week. Some – every minute (Wow!), and the others, post as they just like. But the more serious bloggers post as often as possible.

What Could You Post (Tips):

1. How to do stuff

2. History facts


4. Prayers

5. Stories and poems

6. Articles

7. Songs

8. Online business

9. Best Trade deals

10. Good manners and right conduct

11. Some lessons and subjects

12. Your expertise

13. Food

14. First Aid

15. The Holy Bible parables

16. Seasonal topics

17. Helpful experiences

18. Trees and nature

19. Art work and culture

20. Entertainment

Above are just examples, and there are still more to the nth power. Lifted or copied (repost) texts must be annotated. Original posts are just great! (This is our time.)

There are paid websites and free sign-up blogs. Both are helpful and would cater to everyone. The World Wide Web (www) is the world’s bulletin board. Our global village is very complete with news, updates and everything. If you want copy of texts, you can print it or download files. It is technology’s gift to us, as we have to utilize the lessons well. Communicating comes easy, even studying comes easy.

There is no discrimination online, only that you have to know how to use a computer.

To search for articles, you don’t need to go to libraries, nor do a research for a long time. Articles are raining down online. Now it comes easier to ask experts because you can send an email and the questions to the expert. He/she might soon reply via email, as well. You can give your comments and be one with the blog communities.

Yesterday, you have to go to the malls for shopping or movie updates, but now you can just browse online. There are trailers on You Tube and there are shopping online pages which you can repost.

Also, libraries are not far from the house. Books, the Wikipedia, and a lot of significant information are online now. Even the earliest news could be posted. And you don’t need to worry because there is the “internet etiquette” and copyright laws to guide the users. Each blog can link to another page.

Hence, the wonder of the internet! Hence, the wonder of blogging! Thank you God for our global communities!

Post now!