My Story of Buying Glasses Online

My Story of Buying Glasses Online

The following words are what I experienced when buying glasses online, I want to share with you guys, hope you like.

As far as I am concerned, many people have ever bought glasses in retail stores. In general, when you step into an eyeglasses shop, a salesman will guide you in selecting glasses frames and lens. Since the lens matters a lot to the eye health, many of us prefer to spend more money on it.

I came to a glasses store in Houston on March 3. The salesman opened an album with various lenses ranging from different prices, thickness and functions. After choosing for a while, I picked a lens value $ 380, which is quite expensive actually, but more than 80% of the glasses there are about the prices. In the end, the doctor also suggested me that if I find the glasses at real shop too expensive, glasses online may be suitable for me.

At first, I felt curious about buying glasses online, after searching some information online, the idea that trying it personally started growing in my brain. Still with doubts, I typed “glasses” into the Google search box, many online glasses sites came up. I clicked into a web called Glassesshop, and then registered. I started to select the frames and was impressed by the Virtual try-on system. So I uploaded one of pictures of mine and tried it online, which was great. It cost me round about 5 minutes all together from selection to checkout. What surprised me more is that I received my glasses less than a week. This set of glasses cost me $45, and my friend said maybe it will cost over $200 in retail stores. There was also a small screwdriver, which enabled me to fix it when the screws become loose. So considerate!

Coincidentally, a week later, my mom asked me to buy a set of glasses for her and this time I came to Zennioptical. The web seems simple and easy to operate. Compared to Glassesshop, the price is a bit lower, but I really worried about the quality. I ordered a set and received it a week later. The quality was fair but my mom didn’t feel good since the PD (pupil distance) was not correct, I suppose. I contacted with their customer services and they let me to return it and promised to refund. However, what made me mad was that they let me return the glasses to China, and explained to me it was made in China. Oh, that really made me crazy. I have no choice but do it according to what they required because I needed a refund.

I also heard about a web called EyeBuyDirect, which was recommended by one of my friends who has ordered one pair before. The three experience of shopping eyeglasses online convinced me that glasses online are worthy of belief. What’s more, some big retailers have their own unique strengths. If you want to buy cheap glasses, you can have a try of glasses online, but make sure order suitable glasses right from reliable stores so as to avoid the trouble of returning and refunding.

Hope these help for your online shopping!