Interactivity and Individualization in Online Marketing – They Keys Yo Your Success

Interactivity and Individualization in Online Marketing – They Keys Yo Your Success

There is a fair amount of interactivity and individualization in online marketing. Many factors go into the online marketing process, but these two factors are very important. Here are 3 tips to gain success with them.

1) Communications – The internet marketing process is fueled by customers. The ability to communicate with them is the key to keeping them interested in your products and services. The interactivity begins when they enter a search topic into a search engine. That is the catalyst for your budding relationship. If you have set things up properly, they will be given a chance to see your marketing efforts. They will go through a layer or two of qualifying steps. The communications at this stage is very important to your sales. By the time they get to your sales site they are where they wanted to be and motivated to buy.

2) Responses – Those customers who take a look at your advertising copy and show a little interest placed into a system that communicates with them over the next few days or weeks. This process is very individualized to the customer and the gear toward the product they were looking at. The process provides them with further information and opportunities to make their purchase from you. It is important to followup on leads and the process has become automated. Responses to queries can really make a difference to you sales.

3) Branding – You will want to make your advertising campaign individualized to set yourself apart from your competition. This is called branding. Coke and Pepsi are great examples of this. You are so used to their branding efforts that you can tell the difference between them long before you pick up their product. Images, shapes, and catch phases are all used to accomplish this. Making your business shine through branding is an important part of your online marketing efforts.

Interactivity and individualization in online marketing is very important to your success as an online marketer. Bear in mind that there are a lot of marketer and customers out there all flowing in different directions. Be sure to use these steps to find your niche in the industry. There are many more aspects to the online marketing process, so you will need a good education in the basics. Finding the right mentoring and education program can make all the difference.