Golf Etiquette – Buy Golf Clubs But Learn the Unwritten Set of Rules

Golf Etiquette – Buy Golf Clubs But Learn the Unwritten Set of Rules

If you’re a newcomer to the golf game you will likely have kitted yourself out with some cheap golf equipment and will be raring to go out and hit some balls. The Rules of Golf are probably basically understood but you’re maybe seriously worried concerning your lack of understanding with regard to the etiquette that is required around the course. Don’t worry. If you follow my little guide to etiquette you should have few problems.

Golf is a superb game and played correctly, with the right companions on a dry and warm day, you’ll find nothing better. Regardless of your skill level you can easily find yourself becoming truly addicted. There are always personal targets to be set and achieved and it is no real surprise therefore that not many players leave the game once introduced.

Like many sports it is important to get the basics right at the beginning. Grip the club incorrectly now and it will take an age to put it right. Misunderstand the fundamental rules and you’ll quickly fall foul of fellow players. Both these issues may be easily addressed at the beginning via lessons using a PGA professional or by reading the relevant rule books.

An area where beginners come unstuck however is the one about etiquette and, in many cases, the situation concerning the unwritten rules. In order to help players facing this situation I have drafted the following basic guide which I hope you will find helpful.

• Play with the right equipment. Cheap golf equipment is fine but ensure that you possess all the basics – maximum of 14 clubs, golf tees, golf balls (not range balls), pitch mark repairer.

• Wear golf shoes not trainers. There are lots of quality golf shoes for sale.

• Be properly attired. Collared shirt (tucked in); golf trousers (not jeans) or, in the summer months, golf shorts with suitable socks. If you review the online golf stores you will find plenty of cheap golf clothing on sale so no excuse in this area.

• Don’t share golf clubs with your playing partner. It slows the game down for you and the ones following.

• Always avoid slow play

• Repair pitch-marks on greens and replace divots on the fairway.

• Rake bunkers correctly after playing out.

• Shout ‘fore’ on wayward shots where there is a danger of hitting other golfers.

• Keep quiet when one of your partners is playing his shot and keep still.

• Don’t walk over a players putting line on the green

It has to be stated that not every player on every course observes the etiquette rules. They are the players that give the game a bad name and cause resentment amongst other golfers. Through using my simple guide you will hopefully become a model golfer and will take pleasure in the game to its full extent. Good golfing!