Fashion House – Stuff You Might Not Know

Fashion House – Stuff You Might Not Know

A fashion house maybe one path that you have decided to be in.

Most people do not realize that a fashion house requires a dedicated team of motivated and determined characters. The lead designer maybe at the forefront, but there are also a team of talented designers that discreetly support the head designer in every aspect.

This is one of the many backend happenings that commoners wouldn’t expect. You should prepare your fashion career in a way that gives you many choices, as you may not know where you will eventually establish your roots. Even if you have been in a supporting role in any aspect as you start out in your career, there are just so many paths that you will walk, which maybe oblivious to you from before. There are some careers which maybe somewhat different from what you have imagined, but they are in fact paths that present an opportunity to you in the fashion industry.

Some of the jobs you may think that are not related to the field are for example, Set and exhibit designers. They are the ones who design sets and exhibits for various fashion and trade shows. Next are the Spec and fit technicians, they produce samples with extra care and attention to fit. Then there are the Specialty designers, who design items that require unique production techniques. There is also the Fashion journalist, who painstakingly records down every single detail of an event or write about the latest happenings in the fashion world for a magazine etc.

Last but not least, in the R&D field of the fashion industry that may not be well heard of, is the Trend researchers or the Fashion forecasters. They are a group of specially trained and talented individuals who spot the next season’s fashion trends and forecast the look and colours of the season etc.

Just to mention a few other fields of designing which may take a little more effort to pick up, are the accessory design, children’s clothing design, costume design for theatres, concerts or plays etc., footwear design ranging from stiletto heels to sneakers, lingerie design, sportswear/swimwear design and finally the uncommon uniform design for schools or companies etc.

So as you can see from these examples, the norm is actually not what you may have imagined it to be, if you are planning to step into the creative and everlasting world of fashion.

Be it the path you have always wanted or having an unpredictable outcome in your fashion path, do know that no matter what, the fashion universe is vast and infinitely flowing with creativity. Rewarding experiences that few may have in a lifetime awaits you, boasting a never-ending line of V.I.P treatments, be it front row seats or an exclusive range of products that commoners would sought after dearly given the opportunity.

Therefore do not be demotivated or demoralized at all. Instead, be encouraged to step up and perform whenever an opportunity presents itself to you and wherever your fashion path may lead you.