Buying Protective Clothing Online – How to Buy Hi Vis Clothing

Buying Protective Clothing Online – How to Buy Hi Vis Clothing

Safety should always be the first thing that comes in your mind before you engage in a work or leisure activity with higher injury risk. Now you can readily buy protective Hi Vis (High Visibility) clothing online to cater to your needs easily, conveniently and on time. Before visiting an online store, take advantage of a set of useful tips to help you when you go shopping.

Choose between intermediate protection and high protection Hi Vis clothing in line with your individual requirements. Immediate protection standards require the clothing items to have 2 5-cm bands of fluorescent material and 2 13-cm bands of retro reflective material. Items with high protection have 2 bands measuring 8 cm of fluorescent material and 2 bands of retro reflective material measuring 20 cm or more. High protection items are to be preferred when you work or ride a bike or a motorcycle on the road since the visibility is smaller and the risk of accidents is greater.

Select the type of Hi Vis clothing taking into account your personal needs. Hi Vis shirts are suitable for people enjoying leisure activities outdoors during the warm evenings. The protective raincoats are waterproof and come with hoods, so you can enjoy double-fold protection from the elements and from accidents. Safety vests are considered the best choice for people working in higher-risk environments. You can readily wear your uniform which can be either a shirt or a jacket and put the safety vest on when you need to.

Go for brightly pastel colored Hi Vis safety clothes. This tip has nothing to do with fashion trends. The brightly colored clothes are easier to spot in the dark, especially when you are in the spot of lights. In turn, these colors increase the level of safety that you get. The best protective colors are yellow, green and orange.

Decide carefully on the size of the protective item, when you are making a purchase online. You should select the right size in line with the type of garment you buy and in line with the size of the clothes you are normally wearing. You can readily take a look at the size of your shirt or raincoat, when you are buying such Hi Vis items. However, when you are buying a vest, you may want to opt for one that is one size larger than your normal clothes so that you feel comfortable.

Enjoy your shopping for the best Hi Vis protective clothing, using these reliable tips.