Buy Cheap Homecoming Dresses: Online Store Vs Big Name Boutique

Buy Cheap Homecoming Dresses: Online Store Vs Big Name Boutique

Searching for bargains for this homecoming? If you want to buy cheap homecoming dresses then you can shop in 2 places, online stores or big-name stores in town. But as a keen-eyed dress shopper which place is going to be easier on your purse?

Read on to see how the two compare to each other:

Online Homecoming Dress Store

The new kid on the block – many canny shoppers are turning to online stores to grant their wish for a gorgeous, yet cheap, homecoming dress. Now that almost everyone has an internet connection surely everyone is shopping online, right? Well, there are positives and negatives…


These stores usually have a huge selection of dresses, so no matter your shape, size or taste you’ll be guaranteed to find a dress you like online.

Online stores are cheaper as competition is so fierce that they have to keep prices low. They are also usually abroad where labor is cheaper and they don’t need to pay expensive rental, warehousing and utility costs.

It’s often possible to get dresses tailor made to your exact size which is good if you’ve got unique proportions.

Online stores almost always have promotions running which means that if you search around you’ll probably be able to walk away with a nice discount, free shipping or something else cool!

You can read other people’s reviews on sites, blogs or social networking pages to get an idea about the store before you buy.


You can’t try the item of clothing on before you buy.

It can be hard to communicate in real-time if the store isn’t in your country, so you may have to wait for answers.

Pictures of items can be of differing qualities which can make finding a great homecoming dress difficult.

You may have to pay for shipping which can be expensive and can mean that prices aren’t actually so great.

Returning dresses isn’t impossible, but it can be a lengthy and tricky process.

Some sites can be scams to cheat you out of your money.

Big-name Homecoming Dress Boutique

We’ve all been to them, that lovely brightly lit boutique in the mall with lots of homecoming dresses in the window. But are these places old news, or still a good option for finding a cheap homecoming dress?


You can try on as many dresses as you like and ask the staff or your friends for their opinion right there.

It’s possible to immediately see the quality and color of each garment.

You can pay with cash, credit card, bank card or even cheque (if anyone still uses them).

You can take home your dress today.

Returning an item is simple; just take it in for an exchange or refund.


Prices are almost always higher as they have to pay rental, salaries, utilities, tax etc.

The choice is quite limited to whatever they have in stock when you go in so it can be hard to find a nice dress.

They only sell standard sizes which may not be suitable for everyone.

There are few promotions, usually only seasonable sales.

If you get a dress from here you’re going to be wearing the same as lots of other girls which is never a good look.

There’s no way to get reviews about the store.

So to conclude, online stores are cheaper, but less convenient; whereas if you’re in a rush, a boutique in town is better, but more expensive.

Given that we’re focusing on buying cheap homecoming dresses then your choice has to be online stores as here you’ve got the best chance of finding a cheap dress for homecoming, but also scoring a discount in a sale!