An Unforgettable Experience of Online Shopping

An Unforgettable Experience of Online Shopping

Along with the development of high-tech, online shopping as an overwhelming fashion is enjoying a big boom nowadays.

To tell the truth, I used to be suspicious of online shopping. As far as I can see, it is unwise to make up your mind to buy things just by looking over the colorful pictures and tedious words. However, I become to set foot in online shopping with the persuasion of my friend to enjoy the convenience of high-tech. Moreover, as time goes by, one breathtaking shopping experience is always fresh in my mind.

Once, a lovely bag drew my great attention. I was going to choose the surface mail. But when buying it, I made a mistake and clicked” FedEx”. Considering that I did not have the urgent need for the bag, I told the seller to correct it. Ten days passed, I did not receive the bag. But as for me, it did not matter. However, one day when I was surfing the Internet, I noticed that Deal Status became” completed”. At first, I thought maybe someone helped me to click the button to make sure to pay for the bag. But other people had no idea about my password. Later, I found the reason when reading the trading details. In fact, the mistake I made before led to the problem. The payment period of Express is shorter than the surface mail. Although I bought the bag on the surface ship way, the PayPal charged me the delivery time by Express. To that night, because of date extended, the PayPal had paid the money by default. Worse more, owing to the limited condition that time, I did not know whether the seller had delivered the bag. If he knew it at first, it was useless for me to complain to the PayPal. That just meant my money was gone forever.

Fortunately, the high credibility of the seller contributed to a happy ending. So the unforgettable experience in fact was still not that bad.

Therefore, when you enjoy the convenience of online shipping, just remember that caution is parent of safety.